UFO Dropping 10 Feet Seen By Omaha Witness

Since the dawn of man, UFO sightings have been reported. These sightings were being recorded with Cave patterns and layouts dated back to 8000 B.C.E. It was also the time when the first and actual documented incidents are starting to appear in the 1600s. When the first sighting appeared will forever remain a mystery. For all we know, the first man ever created or evolved, depending on your theory of choice, sighted the first strange object. What was the mysterious object he sighted back in 310,000,000 B.C.? In all honesty, it was probably an insect or bird. After all, UFO stands for an unidentified flying object. The first man would not have been able to identify the winged creature at first glance. However, usually we are not thinking about an insect or bird when discussing UFO sightings.


Practically speaking, UFO sightings today are synonymous with aliens. Thousands of reports have come forward claiming to see extraterrestrial space origins. The general public often greets These people with mass amounts of skepticism and distrust. However, is the Nebraska witness at Omaha an exception to the rule? Omaha is being considered as the largest city in Nebraska. It holds a population of 446,599. It was being reported that there was an appearance of white cloud moving closer revealing a massive and boomerang-shaped object. As the witness stepped on the third-floor deck, the occurrence occurred at 8:20 p.m. on October 4, 2015. As it moved closer, it altered its shape into a V-shaped craft. As it moved to the south, there is no faint sound of the wind, and there were no lights.  When it appeared in front of the witness, it was estimated to be 10 feet above. The image seemed to be a massive object. Though experts denied the claim, they cannot deny that there are still many sightings seen by other people around the world.

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  1. Whatever these “UFOs” are, be it of extraterrestrial origin or something we can’t even comprehend, it doesn’t help when both UFO advocates and UFO debunkers throw around the over baked cliche term “Conspiracy theorist” ad-nauseam, ranging from the GOP sociopaths and their rightwing media insisting there is a “liberal media conspiracy”, (which is patently absurd considering FOX IS the largest rightwing media propaganda machine in US history), or that to suggest JFK was NOT shot by Oswald (regardless of the plethora of compelling evidence to show he never fired one round) or to accept Global Warming, all being Indiscriminately lumped under the category “conspiracy theory” as if…..the word conspiracy was some impossible, rare occurrence only uttered by delusional patients off their meds…huh?
    Human history consists of conspiracies at every turn, as the dictionary states, any aggregate of human beings plotting or even simply formulating a plan that is not overtly presented to the public IS by definition a “conspiracy”, i.e., the Declaration of Independence was a conspiracy meaning not ALL conspiracies can be correlated to a negative or sinister agenda. It has become a word simply used to discredit anything that threatens either ideological, religious or corporate interests.
    For instance, since rightwing oligarchs such as the Koch brothers feel their vast multi-billion dollar energy empire is threatened by the few meager emission controls suggested by Global Warming science, they wage a perfidious propaganda war on Global Warming costing far more then they would have ever spent on actual regulatory controls, its pure pathology in action.
    The same basic concept holds true for the entire UFO syndrome.
    What are they? Whatever they truly are, our so called democratic Government, since its wholly compromised by the billionaire Oligarchical super class and considering their willing capitulation to fanatic Christian zealots who would rather send society back into a 14th century nightmare of biblical law and atavism then move forward into the 21st century, there will NEVER be a non-biased, sincere attempt to conduct a serious and open study of UFOs.
    The ruling class will simply not allow it since it threatens the basic perspectives of the masses & religious dogma which they MUST control, i.e., Fox News & Limbaugh, etc., who spew their inimical disinformation and perverse fantasies 24/7 ensorcelling millions of gullible Americans. As long as the concept of “extraterrestrial beings” threatens their strangle hold on the electorate and therefore a perceived threat to their billions of dollars in profits, they will continue to advocate for total, unequivocal obfuscation of any official UFO data.
    The amazing hypocrisy here is how aggressively these “debunkers” attack UFOs and lump them in with Bigfoot, Lockness, and paranormal phenomena when conversely, they have no problem with embracing the most absurd supernatural phenomena or magical entities such as Jesus or any of the New Testament fairly tales as IF they are unassailable facts. No scientific scrutiny or data required:-)
    Lets not forget, the CIA was basically put together by Senator Prescott Bush, the grandaddy of George W. and the latest Bush dynasty hopeful, JEB!
    Prescott Bush’s long time buddy, Alan Dulles, eventually took the reigns of the new CIA and ran it with an iron fist until JFK fired him in 1961 (which according to some scholars of JFK’s assassination, resulted in his horrific murder in Dealy Plaza 2 years later). Dulles conveniently then took chargel of the Warren Commission, controlling and sabotaging its investigation at every turn thus convincing the ambitious Arlen Spector to invent the laughable “single bullet theory”, a theory far more ludicrous than the most outrageous UFO fantasies.
    Granddaddy, Senator Prescott Bush hand picked Dick Nixon as Eisenhower’s VP, and later, his son George H. W. was a CIA domestic contact while running various oil and other ventures until he was made CIA director in 1977-78 and while there, suspiciously initiated a rampage of collecting and destroying documents relating to the JFK assassination plus Bush refused to cooperate with the newly formed JFK Assassination archives AND he was known to demand documents on UFO cases but in public would viciously attack the notion of “UFO visitation” the same way he would condescendingly indict Warren Commission detractors as “silly conspiracy buffs who believe Elvis is still alive”.
    This all points to how the Bush family, considering their long history of involvement with the intelligence apparatus and their membership in the exclusive club of America’s elite billionaire class, is part and parcel of the continued wall of silence and vehement denial of UFO sightings or any possibility that they could be a real phenomenon worth presenting to the public discourse.
    I believe that there is a preponderance of compelling evidence to strongly suggest there ARE UFOs without a doubt based upon thousands of credible professionals who witnessed these events plus the plethora of soft and semi hard evidence including videos, audio recordings and photos which definitively prove something IS happening….the only question is, what? Until the public can access the smoking gun that can irrefutably prove the existence of intelligently operated spacecraft from a non Earth based origin, we will continue to be kept in the dark like Pre-Neolithic children, under the yoke and shackles imposed upon us by the worlds elite class in collusion with most Western World governments. What a shame it all is that in the 21st century, our species is still in wondering in the darkness of ignorance.

  2. Mocha! is a very smart man I wish we could get him for president our troubles would be over he is the smartest man I have seen in a-while if all your readers would look up all he said they will find it is true. why as a species we have to stay in the dark? keep up the good work MISTER MATIN MOCHA we dumb asses will catch up to you I hope…,,…??? Bigtime from Marion, Ky. 42064

  3. Mocha, spewing lots of big words but saying nothing. You seem to have an agenda that doesn’t fit here, perhaps some therapy might work. This site is not for mumbling things that are not on point. It is here to provide information for those who have a interest in the UFO existence.

  4. MOCHA Very well explained and understood by anybody with a reasonable IQ as you have obviously done your homework well documented with the obvious usual suspects names etc the trouble is with most people on this planet have and will be conditioned to think and believe what they are told by the media and the debunkers and the so called skeptics that dont study the facts and their mind is already made up lol there are too many non believers on this site and they are in the way of finding the real truth so if you havent got serious input on the matter then dont say anything and finally MOCHA WELL DONE….

  5. I saw over 20 of the ‘boomerang’ UFOs between 2010 and 2012 – near to Heathrow airport in London, UK. Stunning and strange things they are. However as mocha says there is no way of knowing what these things are or what they mean.

    Anything unknown becomes a tabula rasa on which to project any phantasy.

    Sadly countless millions of us do belong to an uneducated and frightened worker insect class where the pursuit of nectar and the fear of the stamping boot dominate our lives. Belief in otherworldly saviours and demons seems to be an easily assimilated coping mechanism for all too many of us. It is too easy for the powerful to manipulate us – wee timorous beasties that we are.

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