Russia: Giant UFO Causes People To Run Away In Fear


A woman claimed to have seen a glowing object in the sky above the capital of Buryatia, Russia. The photo of the object, which was particularly taken in Ulan-Ude, shows lots of green lights and some red and blue colors.

The photo was first uploaded to Vkontakte – the Russian version of social media site Facebook.

The reporting witness was with her son when the bizarre object vanished and then reappeared. Two passers-by were in the area too, the woman witness said.

According to her, the object stopped right over them, but she could not say a word and noticed two men running to hide in a building.

She described it as a gigantic saucer with glowing green lights in the middle. The witness’ son got scared and grabbed her hand, and they ran away.

The sighting is the latest in the series of sightings above the region.

An Ulan-Ude resident said that bright glowing objects were common in the area. He also personally saw a bright object from a balcony in the night.

Someone else claimed to have spotted red lights in the sky before they disappeared.

Mysterious UFO sightings have been all over the world in 2015.

Giant UFOs or the so-called motherships have been recorded on videos and captured on photos emerging from the clouds, creating fears of an ET invasion.

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    • To answer your question, most of us capture many pictures when it’s possible to do so. I have done this a few times. But there are many times that when we take pictures of storms, clouds, panoramic views, etc., there is no object to be seen when taking the pics. It is only revealed to the person after it has been downloaded to the computer. Most objects are transparent and can’t be seen with the naked eye. Taking multiple shots in sequence is the only way I can get an object more then once when I don’t initially see it.
      The other reason only one picture may be taken is that it was created by Photoshop. This makes it easier not to compare the pictures done this way to find that it is a fraud. Hope this helps.

  1. Russia has always been a hotbed for UFO’s, as has Mexico. I personally have seen UFO’s even as a child. I am in my 50’s now and just recently been seeing a few in my neck of the woods, Concord, Ca. I have also noticed high flying jets when I see the UFOs. Pictures, can’t get one as things happen so fast and I am often on my balcony just relaxing and sky watching. I’m a photographer and I have to say that I either dont get a clear picture or I am too stunned or afraid to miss anything to run for the camera. That is probably true for most people and is why there are either no pictures or just 1 picture. I have to say, to see one, to experience this all to special thrill, well you just can’t take your eyes off of it. I hope soon, very soon that the truth is told and I know the truth will take the fear out of the public. If they wanted to hurt us, they could have many years ago.

  2. I dont believe in theory that if they were going to hurt us that they would of done it already . they do have a breeding program in place as suggested by many. making a hybrid race … human / alien species and maybe at this stage its almost at an end this could be why there is many more sightings now world wide than before as something is going to happen big like a mass showing in the skies for everybody to see as suggested in the scriptures .

  3. Since this sighting caused fear among the public, Someone else must have taken photos. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to see them.

  4. By the by, UFO investigators say that such craft/phenomena are dangerous. They strongly recommend to get away ASAP, if we ever happen to see such a thing, and not to think about reporting, about MUFON, about taking pictures and so on. They are dangerous, even to those who don’t believe in their existence.

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