A Passenger In A Plane Records A UFO Over India On Video


The concept of UFOs and stories about them have been around for ages. There have been people in different parts of the world claiming to have seen unidentified objects flying in the sky over the Earth, and many of them even saying they have seen aliens. No doubt, the idea of extraterrestrial existence has always fascinated several people around the globe.

Here’s yet another video that shows a UFO moving over the clouds. As indicated in the video, the unidentified aerial object was observed in November 2015 and recorded on video from an airplane.

However, there’s an apparent lack of reaction from any passengers on the plane. If someone encounters a spacecraft or a UFO, then it will likely create some hysterical reactions. Someone might at least say, “what the heck is that?” or “does anyone else notice that bizarre thing out there?”

It was until a few days ago the photos of a UFO were being rounded on social media after reports came out about a flying saucer that was observed in Uttar Pradesh. The UFO photos, which go viral on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social platforms, seem to show a massive flying saucer hovering over Padri market in Gorakhpur.

An individual named Rinku reportedly snapped the viral photos of the UFO. According to reports, Rinku said the aerial object was hovering over Gorakhpur. While some locals got terrified with the news about the sighting of the UFO, experts from Gorakhpur University have yet to release the finding of their study on the images.

Do you think the video shows a real UFO? Or does it look like all made up to you? Tell us what you think about it in the comment section below.

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  1. it’s very easy to find out if is fake or not: 1 how many witneses in the plane saw the same thing and second : surely if it was real there are more persons who filmed, or photograph it.

  2. Why weren’t they alerting other passengers? I’d be all excited if I saw someting like that. could be a balloon too, or CGI’d

  3. Notice there are no other witnesses on the plane or the name of the person who supposedly took this video. In my book no collaborating witnesses or any evidence of who took the video means no UFO case.

  4. When I see “Subscribe now to my Youtube channel, and my Facebook account, and follow me on Twitter!”, I don’t even bother looking at the footage.

  5. Yeah, I have to agree with others here. There should be other people on the plane freaking out. This is why I hate when people fake footage. It discredits the ones that are real.

  6. The only fakes are thoe who say this is a fake. No doubt this is a genuine sighting. Too many ancillary features about the whole presentation hitch up. Specious comment that others would have seen it or filmed it if it was genuine. These things happen too quickly. The cluster of orbs and the way it sinks into the cloud base is very convincing. They are here folks. Believe it while you are there to do so.

    • You know what’s retarded? It’s calling a whole country full of people from all walks of life “retarded” because of one comment. You sir, or madam are a bigot. Now about the film, it’s obviously a fake, I don’t care who you are, if you saw something like that you’d be trying to call attention to it in some way to the rest of the passengers, but there’s complete silence, I’m not buying it.

  7. Looks like the tail end of a cgi plane. I think this was fake because there was zero reaction from the person taping. There was no “hey, Look at this! Look Look Look!!” There was no attempt to get others to see what they were seeing. The initial blur sequence is standard in CGI UFO efx. I’ve seen it a million times. They were convincing at first but not any more. Tell the hoaxers to stop wasting their time. They hinder and stop progress in discovery. This is one of the reasons these liars are hated.

  8. There doesn’t appear to be any shadow on the clouds, and as the UFO is the first thing you see, how long was it there before the passenger, got out the camera? Didn’t appear to be photographing the sky before this thing suddenly appeared.

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