Massachusetts Man Sees UFO that Appears to Land

A witness at Malden City in Middlesex County, Massachusetts claimed to have seen a strange-looking object doing some maneuvers in the sky that eventually appearing to land. According to the witness report filed under Case 73060 in the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the unnamed witness was walking home around 11:15 p.m. on December 10, 2015, when he saw a strange light in the sky flying over either Malden or Revere, MA.

The witness stated that he watched it flew west and then stopped and hovered. He walked to his best vantage point possible and saw the object descended straight down.

At this moment, the witness pulled out his mobile phone with a video recorder having a 25 percent power, but it quickly powered down, which was not normal for the phone. He decided to turn back his attention to the UFO as it ascended, descended, and went west, east, and hovered in very strange 90-degree diagonal movements. He was stunned to witness such unusual activity.

The witness also revealed that he was familiar with aircraft because his father was in the Air Force. He was very sure that no plane could move like it without making any sound. While he can’t make out the craft, he saw one red and one white light side-by-side. During his sighting, the witness saw planes, stars, and what he believed a large Black Hawk helicopter, flying very low and appearing to land. He is aware that there’s a base or airport in that direction. However, the UFO did not go exactly in that direction.

The witness added that the UFO moved fast and hovered for a while. He heard a sound like a jet or two going that direction, but he never saw them. After a couple of minutes, the witness saw the UFO descended straight down and landed, even though it was too far away to see it. He was certain he saw a red light on the ground. He tried to moved closer towards the unknown object, but he found out that he needed to go through the forest, and it could have been miles away. He was unarmed and had no flashlight, so he decided not to proceed. In the morning, he went to the area where he believed the object had landed but did not see it.

MUFON is currently investigating the case through MUFON director of investigations Steve Hudgeons.

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  1. We have lights, shapes, descriptions, movement, eyewitnesses, but sadly no REAL evidence. Have you ever seen a CLEAR photo (not faked) of a UFO? Or for that matter, of an alien? Not saying I’m not a believer, because the evidence FOR the existence of another race from God knows where, far outweighs that of the individuals who think that no race could be superior to ours! We did not just stumble on the technology that has taken the world by storm this past 90 years. Very little progress was made in the preceding 200 years, and then we have this giant leap forward. Where did the knowledge come from? Not from an earthly source that’s for sure. We have had help. Can’t cross the T’s and dot the I’s on this one, but common sense must prevail. For goodness sake, I have my text messages read to me in my car automatically, and I can dictate a reply, (with no phone in my hand). That is just the tip of the iceberg. Someone explain to me this massive leap forward in technology. We have had help from somewhere!

  2. Once again another report with no photo or video and their phone conveniently goes flat? Come on!
    By the sound of what this ufo did with it’s maneuvers it’s probably another drone or small UAV! There was probably a million of them sold in the USA over Christmas and for it to fly stop hover ascend then decend it’s probably another noob drone pilot.

  3. Most people seldom spend anytime looking at the sky, for any appreciable amount of time, if at all, so it comes as no surprise that they “never see anything like a ufo”. I can’t prove what I’ve seen with my own eyes, but in 2 particular cases, I can tell you that they were not airplanes. I can’t say what they were, but I’ll say that they were NOT aircraft. I don’t need to prove it, I saw it. If or when this happens to you, you’ll know what I mean. Until that time, keep an open mind, if you are able, and look up more often.

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