Pilot Photographs a UFO Over Luxembourg


A pilot over Luxembourg took a photo of what he believed an Airbus A380, but UFO researchers found it confusing as the pilot’s plane was too close to the object in question that he would have been told by the control tower to keep an eye on that flying object. No radar or control information ever came, making UFO enthusiasts to conclude that it was a UFO, plain and simple, but pilots chose not to tell the truth because of fear to lose their jobs.

A Luxembourg company pilot took a photograph of the unusual object in the sky. The strange craft activity left him with the impression of having spotted an alien spaceship.

Dutch pilot and amateur photographer, Christiaan van Heijst, has been scanning the sky on behalf of the company Cargolux. Recently, he saw something flying strange in the sky, so he took out his camera to take a snapshot. The photo offers an impression that it is a UFO.

But the pilot insists the unusual object in the picture may not be a UFO, but an Airbus A380. The large flying object was 300 meters above the plane of Christiaan van Heijst, somewhere above Africa.

The pilot’s Facebook page says, “I could almost distinguish the color of hostesses Nail Polish.” He explains that this could be an optical effect of the speed and lighting of the camera that offers an impression of dealing with a spaceship. Interestingly, the pilot also remarks that it may be a real UFO.

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  1. Alien UFOs are mostly disc, cigar or ball shaped. They leave no contrails, sounds etc.
    The rest are most likely secret industrial military complex craft.

  2. its sad to see how my original post on fb has been twisted and now presented as ‘UFO’.
    In March 2014 we flew directly below this Lufthansa A380 that was visible on tcas (aircraft instruments) and we heard the pilots talking on the radio. I dont know why my normal photo of an A380 inflight suddenly is being abused as ‘UFO photo’. This is not a UFO, nor was I ever in doubt.

  3. I would not recommend that pilot to anybody ( that includes all my Aunties and Uncles ).He should be concentrating on his flying duties and not taking pictures of fuck all .

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