Structures and Entrances To Underground Bases On Mars


Online UFO hunters claimed to have found a series of interesting hidden alien structures on Mars. According to Mars and UFO anomaly researchers, the aliens appear to have created the structures to hide themselves from visitors of the Red Planet.

UFO and alien hunter Sandra Elena Andrade posted images to YouTube showing the alleged Martian ET structures on Google Earth on December 2, 2015.

However, some viewers commented that Mars anomaly hunter Marcelo Irazusta originally discovered the apparent alien structures. Irazusta once reported that he found some of the structures on Mars despite NASA efforts to hide them using “crappy Photoshop.”

Andrade’s video of images on YouTube has garnered thousands of views. Many believe the video shows authentic images and reliable proof of the existence of aliens on Mars.

Many alien hunters believe the planet has bases and most of them are inhabited, so they continue to search for evidence of ET life on it. The sad part, according to these researchers, is that when you put NASA in front of truth and evidence, they choose to remain silent or invent some hilarious or crazy explanations as part of their strategy to conceal the reality.

Andrade’s video offers detailed directions to find the structures in question, including the entrances to the underground bases.

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  1. Around all these “entrances” is another greenish square: this points to an image artefact. The speaker obviously has no knowledge of such image acquisition problems.

  2. That is not nonsens! You can find lots of such structures or pieces of thouse entries along the lines where two pictures are overlayed.

  3. Correction of my comment:

    I wanted to write, absolutely nonsense, those entries must be artefacts from picture overlays, because you can find them all along two overlayed pictures. I hope my comment is understandable. My english is not the very best 😉

  4. If Nasa wanted these images blotted out, they would be blotted out. Why would they do such a crappy job and miss a bunch if they don’t want these images seen?? sorry, their tech. is pretty good.
    Now, just to play along…..suppose there was a civilization on Mars 10’s of thousands of years ago and they realized their atmosphere was dying and radiation was hitting the planet……where would they go??? Underground and search for a new planet to call home, no??

  5. seeing as they have these images of “doors”, on these lines of mapping imagery, they may be some anomoly such as font of some sort of the edge of that map or who knows what. Strange they are all on the edges. Unconfirmed errors? Nice doors anyway.

    • Don’t assume “if they didn’t want it to go public, it wouldn’t”. Like every other employer, All the great technology NASA has is only as good as the people they pay to use it well and check their work. Stuff slips by with them just like anyplace else where human hands are involved. As to this set of photo’s however, I see no reason to explain that this alleged tunnel entrance stands out even under the presumed high magnification while the surrounding surfaces are blurry.

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