Steelers vs. Cowboys: The Uncovered Mystery


The Cowboys–Steelers is the NFL rivalry. The Dallas Cowboys are an American football team in the Dallas–Fort Worth. The team is a member of the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference in the National Football League. Headquartered in Valley Ranch in Texas, they will move to Frisco in 2016. The Pittsburgh Steelers are another American professional football team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, the team belongs to the North Division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League. The Steelers, founded in 1933, are the oldest AFC franchise. The Steelers have stayed competitive ever since and won two more Super Bowls but lose one. Since Super Bowl XXX, the Cowboys were not back to the Super Bowl and had won three playoff games from 1996 onwards.

While the Cowboys and Steelers provided a lot of memorable plays on the field throughout their matchups that took place in 1970, something that happened in the sky took up all the headlines in 1979. On October 28, 1979, the Steelers has defeated the Cowboys in the 9th week of the regular season, which is 14-3. In Super Bowl XIII, another rematch took place. Franco Harris rumbled 102 yards, at the same time, two touchdowns included a 48-yard run that put the game on the ice.  However, late in the game, there is an odd object that grabbed the attention away from the field. While no one has ever figured what they were, Thomas White, the Duquesne University archivist, said that the extraterrestrials were kites that bear a resemblance of UFOs. Back in 2011, the odd object appears similarly like two kites that were connected and was moving in the breeze of the wind. He added that he saw the same footage of the kites before. Though the case has not been concluded, it was still one of the strangest moments in the NFL history, which is another interesting experience of Steelers-Cowboys rivalry.

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