Hovering Triangle UFO Fazes Arkansas Witness


A man driving along a dirt road at Malvern in Arkansas had a close encounter with a silent UFO more than 150 feet wide on December 15, 2015, approximately an hour before sundown.

The UFO was reportedly hovering low – just above the trees – and passing his destination. He observed it for 30 seconds but did not stop driving out of fear.

The object had strange bright blue lights that were pointed straight at the witness like two square eyes. The witness thought right there that it could see him.

As the witness got closer to the UFO, the treeline blocked his view or perhaps the view of the entity inside the UFO too. After about an hour, he noticed afterburners of a military fighter jet going south without lights.

He estimated the UFO to be between 150 and 200 feet wide. The witness wasn’t sure how long the UFO hovered there.

The witness reported his close encounter to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and it can be accessed in Case 75545 of the network’s witness reporting database.

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  1. What I don’t understand, is why UFO observers always claim there were “Strange” lights. This Guy says Strange Blue Lights?. Whats so Freaken strange about a light. Does this guy live in a cave and only knows light from a FIRE?. If he sees a car at night, would he claim “It” had STRANGE Headlights?…Just look to the right of this comment box. There are at Least 2 stories claiming “Strange Lights”? Give me a break! Whats so strange about a light?

  2. Why was my comment on this article not posted? What are you guys (Editor probably), afraid of? It was an honest observation. Or was it because I used the word “Freaken” Ive been a follower for years. Think I don’t know how to conduct myself. What about my comment are you scared of others seeing…The Truth maybe?

  3. OK…now I’m embarrassed!…i have been coming to “Latest UFO Sightings” for some time and I regard them as Totally Pro about their videos and stories. I apologize for the second comment I made. I was to much in a hurry to see my first comment and jumped the gun on “Yelling” at the Editor. My suspicions were unfounded and I Truly Apologize.

  4. What is usually so strange about the lights is that the lights seem to glow rather than shine. … truly has to be seen, to understand

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