Two unidentified flying objects over Virginia Beach


Here’s one older video of a two bright UFOs flying across the night sky above Virginia Beach.

Witness report: Virginia Beach, VA – On the evening of 3/9/2015 around 8:50pm upon leaving the Hair Cuttery at Brenneman Farms Marketplace, I filmed these pulsating red/orange orbs in the night sky.
As I walked to my car, I looked up and noticed a number of pulsating orbs directly over head. At first I thought they might be drones or chinese lanterns. It took me a moment to get my phone camera rolling, at which point the largest group of orbs had faded out into the NE sky. The orbs were moving from the SW horizon, in procession, gradually gaining altitude until they simply faded out in the NE sky. Each orb faded out in the same location. As the orbs faded their diameter gradually decreased. The orbs made no sound and never changed shape, with the exception of decreasing in diameter. In total, I would estimate having viewed 10+ orbs over a period of five minutes.
There were two other witnesses in a car nearby. They pulled up next to me as the sighting ended and can be heard in the background. One lady believed the orbs might be drones. This is a possibility as there are numerous military facilities nearby.

Author (source: MUFON)

Note: Watch in full screen.

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