Space Watcher Spots A UFO Near Jupiter’s Europa


A space observer from the UK allegedly captured an image that apparently shows a space craft near Europa, the Solar System’s sixth largest moon.

Some observers say the image is another proof that there’s alien life out there, particularly in areas that haven’t been explored or researched.

Secure Team posted the video online and showed images that were snapped using a Canon 650D camera with a 7D-300mm telescopic lens on a tripod in the back garden.

British Louis Read sent the image to the UFO observers to get some opinions.

According to the video, the spacecraft gets closer to the Europa, one of Jupiter’s 63 moons, and has never been visible since then.

Some experts got so curious about the image, so they increased the exposure of it. They then concluded that it is either a fleet of UFOs or one giant alien structure going about their business.

Space agencies, including NASA, have yet to travel to Jupiter in their quest for more detailed information about the planet, but they are planning to dispatch a probe out there.

NASA is currently exploring Mars with the Curiosity Rover, sending images from the Red Planet back to Earth on a regular basis.

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  1. sorry no. if that is a ufo near Jupiter’s giant moon, it would have to be beyond gargantuan. if that’s a ufo it is way near to our planet.

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