Conspiracy Theorists Suggest Supervolcano Eruption Is Near As Alien Activity Increases


UFO believers raised alarm after an increase in number of mysterious activities involving UFOs near the Yellowstone Supervolcano at Wyoming National Park. They predicted that a major eruption of it will soon to happen as aliens are preparing for it.

Kat Martin2016 uploaded a video to YouTube on April 28, Thursday, that seemed to show a UFO for a few minutes as it passed in front of a live cam at the Elk Refuge near Yellowstone.

According to the uploader, she noticed a mysterious light at live cams travelling over the Elk Refuge in the middle of the night. Kat Martin2016 thought that it might have been the headlights of a vehicle near the area that caused a reflection. However, she gave a hint in the description that one might think it was alien, and the reflection was a small spaceship.

Some members of the UFO community who saw the footage suggested that the light might also be an alien UFO drone performing surveillance flight over Yellowstone for the volcano’s activity.

According to them, UFOs are common on live wildlife cams, so Kat Martin2016 was wrong in her assumption that it was just a light reflection.

Some observers spotted shadows on the side of the alleged object in the latest sighting at Yellowstone National Park, so they argued it was a three-dimensional object, and not a reflection.

Another speculation about the sighting is that aliens are monitoring the Yellowstone Supervolcano because they are worried about its impending eruption.

Active volcanoes are considered UFO hotspots because, according to conspiracy theorists, aliens often build bases beneath as it is inaccessible to humans.

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