Norway: UFO Summoner Demonstrates His Abilities In Front Of Many People


Robbert van den Broeke claimed that he had summoned UFOs in front of many people many times and had close up sightings as well. He said that some entities can hear human thoughts from miles away. The technique requires considerable human focus for it to happen.

UFO enthusiasts say that this is true to some entities, and not all humans who tried it succeeded on the first try. According to them, anyone can summon a UFO as the thing is not a gift, but a passion and effort of a focused thought.

Robbert is a medium of what he called the Divine. Recently, he demonstrated how he summoned UFOs. In a recent YouTube video, witnesses testify to their experiences with Robbert’s abilities. The video also shows a phenomenon called bilocation, an alleged ability where an individual appears in two different places at the same time.

While many people think that Robbert is a proven fraudster, others say that being labeled a fraudster or hoaxer does not mean it’s always true. Believers of Robbert’s talents argue that the label hoax is a hoax itself. However, skeptics are wondering why there’s no crystal clear videos or pictures of UFOs if this man can summon them.

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  1. Once again people you will get no where without pictures or videos Just people talking and wasting the believers time gets us nowhere. Seeing is Believing; you need a lot of proof. NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE WILL BELIEVE A STORY TELLER QUIT TALKING!!!!! SHOW PROOF!!!!! WE THE BELIEVERS WANT PROOF!!!PROOF!!!PROOF!!! ONCE THE PEOPLE SEE IT THEN THEY WILL BELIEVE!!!!!!

  2. Unbeleivable idiot;may have the correct hair and possibly eye color does not have requisite brains for alien contact.

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