Alien Hunters Link Giant Pyramid Structure Discovery Deep Under The Pacific Ocean With UFO


Stories on secrets hidden at the bottom of the sea are not something new, but this one is a little bit different and may be bigger than most of them.

Alien hunters say they have discovered a perfect pyramid deep down the Pacific Ocean.

Based on the image on Google Earth, experts estimated the structure to be 8.5 miles across, and some UFO enthusiasts suggested it could be an alien spacecraft parked underwater.

Marcelo Igazusta, an Argentinian researcher, was the one who first discovered the mysterious underwater structure in June.

Igazusta claims that he spotted a beam of light shining in the dark deep below the ocean off the west coast of Mexico using the coordinates 12 ° 8’1.49 ‘ N 119 ° 35’26.39’ W.

Alien enthusiasts picked up the news and later shared it with their followers. They say that it is a perfect pyramid, measuring 8.5 miles on one side of its base. They explain that it is just a conservative estimate, and the discovery could be up to 11 miles across.

They further state that only space aliens could make such huge structure. It may not be a UFO that landed in the ocean, but some alien followers believe it is still a monumental discovery that has a connection with extraterrestrials.

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  1. Wow fascinating video but one question in mind, is that a crashed plane wreck? A blowhole cloud from a whale,and if its a wrecked plane why isnt there an expidition or investigation because to me, I dont mean to bust your theory but it looks like an airplane wreck and even tho lloks as tho the wreck been there awhile theres more likely to be bodies, to which needs to be identified. If indeed its a blowhole cloud which highy unlikely than there wouldnt be anything there by now it could end up being a total waste of resource to try to findout, i believe thats a plane wreck and one thats being covered up well until you found it.Who did the government like clinton kill now?

  2. Wrong statement, this is not about gov’t and killing people. That is a strong and wrong statement. If you have solid proof of the plane then show everone. If not then shut your trap.

  3. Uh, no plane wreckage would be anywhere 8.5 miles across in structure (scattered, perhaps, but not this large)

  4. There are ofcourse aliens or living things in the universe. But finding them with little human brain is not easy……

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