5 Most Mysterious Photos Caught By NASA On The Moon


Here’s the compilation of the best UFO photos that were filmed by NASA on our Moon.

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  1. The images just are what they are: seeming “alien” artifacts.

    What i find laughable are the explanations from NASA. Do we dare not (in the past anyway) question these “official” explanations?

  2. What? C’mon? Seriously. What a waste of my time. Annoyingly, I had to read OVER the photographs? Okay Two items made me snarl. Slamming into the moon with a rocket? Okay…But really it was targeting a building on the moon? I didn’t see anything but a Blurred photograph by her arm? AND The giant? Sometimes, I see strange things in the shadows and movements from the fan, bouncing on the walls, in the nightlight.

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