Unexplained Light Over St. Louis Arch


A video showing a strange light above the Gateway Arch has made the rounds on social media after it was made available online. A surveillance camera installed at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park recorded the strange light. The video was then posted to their Facebook page with the caption informing viewers that unexplained light over St. Louis are guaranteed to baffle viewers after watching the surveillance footage for 5 minutes.

Chase Rhoads of Illinois sent a copy of the incredible video to FOX 2 News. Rhoads said that he couldn’t identify the aerial thing, but he has the video to prove it was there. Between 2:30 am and 3 am, Tuesday, the independent cleaning consultant was outside the Casino Queen when he noticed and recorded something mysterious over the Gateway Arch.

National Park Service spokesperson said they did not have any knowledge of strange flights and no other person reported to have seen anything odd that early in the morning.

It now appears that no one has the answer to the mystery. For Chase Rhoads, it’s a flashing light that left more questions than answers.

Scott Air Force Base also found nothing unordinary and they did not receive concerned phone calls.

Rhoads welcomes anyone who has information about the flashing object he shot on the video.

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  1. And Weirdly enough a thunderstorm seems to be brewing. …allot of people reckon these ET’s harvest the power from the lighting.

  2. It is a spacecraft! I see them all the time,I have seen one so low that I could hit it with a rock,it was huge,the lights were orange,it made no sound at all

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