Watch Video Of A Bright UFO Over Florida


A fast moving, bright sphere UFO at Ocala in Florida was caught on video traveling toward the ground level, according to MUFON Case 78114. The reporting witness was with his friend outside a porch to observe an approaching storm system at around 8:30 pm on July 31, 2016, when they noticed the unidentified flying object hovering in place before moving.

The witness stated that the mysterious flying sphere was initially moving into them fast from the distant sky to the south. He noted the color as bluish tint but didn’t seem to cast light in any direction.

As the object moved closer to the witnesses, it stopped abruptly and hovered for several minutes. At this point, the reporting witness started to video it with his cell phone. Then after around 90 seconds, the unknown aerial object flashed off and left a pulsating or blinking red light.

For a better look, the reporting witness’ friend took down the road to get another or better view of the strange flying thing. When the UFO became a blinking red light, the witness saw other red lights from far away. He recorded a few minutes more of the flashing red before it started moving again. He saw it making several circular patterns before returning to fully illuminated state.

At this point, the object moved away, descended below some trees, started moving from right to left and disappeared to his view. He heard car horns honking and dogs barking after the UFO disappeared. When his friend came back from down the street, she reported same things he observed, including the hovering, changing of color, and descending out of view. She said that the strange object was much bigger than a drone and no characteristics of a helicopter.

MUFON Florida chief investigator John A. Gagnon stated that the object wasn’t a Chinese lantern as the witness said the object traveled between 2,000 and 2,500 mph. In his investigation, he found that the witness has a four-year history of military service with the U.S. Air Force. Gagnon did not rule out drones as they can be dressed up with LED light kits and might be moving faster than their actual speed at night without a frame of reference. However, he can’t find concrete evidence that the UFO was a drone, so he closed the case as unknown.

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  1. It’s always more exciting to the observer’s eye than it is actually watching a cell phone video which could be anything

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