Daytime UFO activity in the sky above Cheticamp, Canada 31-Jul-2016


Here are some interesting photos of a possible unidentified flying objects in the sky above Cheticamp in Nova Scotia, Canada. This happened on 31st July 2016.

Witness report: On July 31st, I was taking pictures of the sunset. Right after I’ve noticed behind me when I turned these 2 objects moving without making a sound, no trail behind them like a jet. They were moving fast. I took of few pictures. these objects were moving at the same speed and about 2 miles apart and kept that distance until disappearing behind the mountain. My car starter stopped working. I could not unlock my car with the remote, then it started working well the 2 days after. My cell phone was still working.

Author (source: MUFON)





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  1. Hi..
    I recorded a movie in 2013 showing just the same type of UFO, white sylinder with a red band on the middle of it.
    Place:Norway west coast.If there`s a way I can upload the video?

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