Live Cam Recording Shows Apparent UFO Flying Out Of Erupting Volcano


The sensational claim that there are alien races maintaining bases inside volcano has surfaced once again. A footage allegedly showing a UFO zooming out the side of an erupting volcano causes this claim to come back to life anew.

The recent UFO footage was taken from the live stream on the evening when the Colima Volcano erupted.

YouTube channel Streetcap1 said in a video titled “UFO Leaves Colima Volcano Real-Time Streaming” said that it warps on out there.

The video shows an oblong object emerging from either the side or behind the volcano, before seemingly flying up at around 45-degree angle.

One UFO enthusiast viewer said that the UFO in the video is about to leave the side of the mountain when the eruption took place. The commenter described the UFO as cigar shape, much like many past UFOs seen on live cams around Mexican volcanoes.

UFO researchers, who believe that aliens have bases for their spacecraft inside volcanoes, speculated the UFO took a side path since it could not leave through the mouth because of an eruption. They claim that extraterrestrials choose the inside of volcanoes for secret bases of their equipment and UFOs as humans are likely least to explore these places.

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