WikiLeaks Reveals Sensitive Emails Mentioning UFOs and Roswell Crash Incident


Newly leaked emails show Blink 182 former co-lead vocalist was in recent contact with John Podesta about UFOs.  Tom DeLonge sent emails to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta at least twice. He wrote about their mutual interest in more government disclosure about the UFO phenomenon that possibly involved extraterrestrials.

WikiLeaks, which recently released the emails this month, also reveals that Mr. Podesta participated in a documentary produced by Mr. DeLonge. However, it is not established whether Mr. Podesta replied to the messages.

Mr. Podesta worked at the highest levels of government during the administration of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. When Mr. Podesta left the Obama administration in 2015, he stated that his biggest failure was not securing the disclosure of American UFO files. He has long expressed interest in the subject and advocated more government disclosure on classified UFO files.

Mr. DeLonge writes in his email in 2015 that he would introduce Mr. Podesta to two people involved in their sensitive topic. Mr. DeLonge thinks Mr. Podesta would find the two very important people interesting as both were in charge of most fragile divisions handling DOD issues and Classified Science. Mr. DeLonge describes them as A-Level officials.

WikiLeaks also published another email from Mr. DeLonge in 2016 about a former military official who was in charge of all the stuff. The email reveals that the ex-military official and his men shipped the crashed UFO in Roswell to the laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of this lab for many years, according to the email.

Mr. DeLonge is yet to reply to a request for a comment.

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  1. This isn’t new news. This information was already known and with out substantial evidence, there is only here say as to what happened at Roswell. Not to mention that that is an old story and there have been more recent incidents that have happened.

  2. Anything involving “Hillary Clinton” is either a lie or based on a lie or “UnTruth” just by it’s association with her. If these emails involved real people/leaders in our world, I would be more inclined to believe them. It don’t take away from my belief in UFO’s this just discredits certain people and statements by the them.

  3. My name is Don Siedenburg – 1630 Williams HWY#368 – Grants Pass, OR 97527 – Tele: 541-660-5221. Website: I enlisted in the U. S. Army on June 1st, 1954 and was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO for eight weeks of basic training and eight weeks of Clerk Typist School. During my initial induction sessions I was ask if I would be interested in participating in a U. S. Army Medical Experiment. It was requested that I sign an Oath to Secrecy which I did and the U.S. Army was very good me during my three year tour. I figured that after I reached 80 years of age, I would tell my story of the experiment. The experiment involved consuming a food serum substance said to be taken from a crashed UFO. For 21 days I was given a 2 oz. portion of this serum at 8:00 in the morning. This was my sole water and food source for the three weeks. I never experienced thirst, or hunger pangs and I was able to maintain normal activities during that time. I was told that by those doing the experiment that they thought this serum contained the food source for the crew’s daily needs, plus a mental stimulate and longevity aid. The only other contact with the project was two years later after I was stationed at Maison Fort in Orleans, France. During a tonsil operation I was injected with more of the serum. From that time on I sorta dismissed the experiment because I felt no change other than the mental alertness increase. It was not until much later that I noticed I was not aging like the people my own age. I was staying younger and much more active. At almost 81 years of age I am still able to swim a mile per day which takes 60 minutes, run 5K’s and participate in basketball pickup games. Unfortunately, my Military and Medical Records of the experiment were burned up in the June l973 Fire in St. Louis, MO. However, I due have my DD214 which shows I was promoted from E-1 to E-5 in less than two years. Also the U. S. Army kept their promise to me with a duty station 60 miles South of Paris, France for two and a half years. I can reference the following: – “Sneak Peak News – Grants Pass, OR Issue February – 2016!” There is a story on page 19 and 20 that tells my current story. I welcome anyone interested in my story and please contact me.

    • Don, I gave your story to I found it very interesting. Perhaps you should call into the show and tell them your story. Coming from Maine we saw many UFO’S it was not unusual. I found your story to be “unusual” and the UFO food substance was intriguing. Sadly many military men were used as guinea pigs but you had a great ending being healthy.

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