UFOs Might Be Feeding Off The Sun


Many hunters believe some UFOs might be using the energy from the Sun. In the video uploaded to YouTube, a massive UFO is supposed to be feeding off sun energy.

The uploader of the video, who claimed to be a former unbeliever of the plasma energy theory, the massive UFO that appears to be different color and shape to the rest of the connected lines has got him thinking.

Experts believe that cosmic rays can penetrate deep in the Earth and living things deep in the bowels of Earth where water is present could be dependent on cosmic rays to survive. Such situation may also take place on Mars and Europa.

Some UFO chasers believe the UFO may have been using the energy from the sun to fuel or recharge itself. They describe the UFO as a glowing white near a yellow Sun’s plasma, which makes them believe that the craft is made from a different material than the surface of the Sun.

In another NASA image taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), giant UFOs can be seen apparently rotating around the sun.

 Some UFO researchers believe there are UFOs that almost as big as the Earth.

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