Luminous UFO Baffles Stargazers In Western Russia


A UFO in the Russian skies has brought amazement to some Russian sky watchers who thought it was something unusual airborne object. Initially, the video shows a lattice-like sphere of light that appears nothing more than an ordinary small light in the sky.

However, when the woman who filmed the event zoomed in, the bright thing seemed more like a giant ball with visible microstructures within.

According to the report, the object appears like a tiny sea creature under a microscope.

The object’s scale is somewhat emphasized as the sky gazer filming the event zooms in and out. Many observers believe that the thing is too small to be the moon but too big to be any other identifiable objects.

When something appears to be moving on the surface of the UFO, the videographer notices a grey strip running on it. She can be heard in the background talking about the particular moment.

The UFO was filmed in the sky over the city of Ryazan in western Russia. As of date, no information yet on the nature of the mysterious aerial thing.

Luminous spheres usually come from an atmospheric phenomenon called ball lightning, but they are much smaller than the one caught in the video. They range from a pea size to a few meters in diameter. Furthermore, these luminous spheres only last a few seconds before exploding or disappearing.

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  1. Most likely Venus, it’s out of focus the whole time, the photographer never focuses properly, making the object appear large and distorted.

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