UFO Sighting Video Shows A UFO With Green Halo Of Light Over Italy


A video of a mysterious bright green spherical object has created speculations of a UFO in the sky over Italy. The strange thing in the four-minute video appears to change shape and color. It was reportedly captured on camera in Salento this week. The video is said to be genuine and untampered.

Music teacher Lucio Margiotta of Music Academy of Salento posted the footage on Facebook. He reportedly noticed the strange light in the sky at around eight in the evening local time on January 9, 2017.

The footage shows a bright white, spherical object that seemingly changes shape, size, and color. The bizarre thing turns bright green and transforms into a ring – like a smoke ring – at one point.

The ball then splits into two before fading away. The video was recorded using a smartphone at maximum zoom. According to Lucio, no effects or filters were used.

Some viewers suggest that the UFO is the result of autofocus that distorts the image especially prevalent when recorded with a smartphone.

Some UFO investigators explain that the light turns into a halo when Lucio apparently zooms on it, which may suggest that the camera autofocus system distorts the light and produces the strange effect.

The witness did not mention whether he saw the light transformed into a halo, or he just saw a distant light.

Some Facebook users propose another idea. They say the unusual phenomenon may just be the Venus. They explain the planet becomes highly visible from 7:30 pm to 8 pm. The sighting reportedly took place at 7:38 pm. The planet is more visible if there’s a little haze, they say. They further explain that the visible circle is the result of image distortion from zooming in.

However, others say that it is one of the sphere beings that regularly visit the area. They say that these beings often respond with a bright flash if someone speaks to them as friends and wave.

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