UFOs Caught On Cam Making A Triangle Formation Over Remote Farm


Footage showing three UFOs forming a sustained triangle formation has brought excitement among UFO investigators. The incident reportedly happened over a remote U.S. farmland in Everett, Washington.

The sighting of these unidentified flying objects was reported to Mutual UFO Network, which currently investigating the case.

According to the account filed in the MUFON’s witness reporting database, the strange event occurred at 7:20 in the morning on January 16 when the witness was walking through fields to assess tide flats for duck hunting.

The unnamed witness claimed to have seen three white, blinking lights to the south in a triangular formation. He managed to take photos and videos, which he submitted to MUFON together with his report for further investigation.

Tim Ward, MUFON Washington state section director, is currently investigating the case.

The witness said that the lights could be aircraft, but he was not very certain about it. He expected the formation to break, but it remained intact longer than any planes.

The report was submitted to MUFON on February 20. MUFON communications director Roger Marsh reminded everyone that most UFO sightings could be explained as something human-made or natural.

Some skeptics believe that planes circling and waiting to land can sometimes appear to have created a formation.

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