Video of UFOs Crossing at the Mexico-U.S. Border Disappears for Unannounced Reason


The video that surfaced online showing a UFO fleet flying through the cloudy skies at Mexico-U.S. border has brought intrigue to a lot of people around the world. However, there’s a more intriguing aspect of this news. The video clip of the UFOs disappeared from the internet, not once, but twice.

It leaves some to wonder whether it is just a prank or something has happened at the border enough to make President Donald Trump worry far more than desperate human crossings.

A video clip was uploaded to photo-sharing site Instagram presenting a flurry of bright lights flying across the sky reportedly from Mexico to the United States at the border crossing in Tijuana.

The UFO sighting video shows seven or eight lights above the busy border control post on the California line. However, the video depicting bright lights flying above and several individuals pulling over and getting out their vehicles to look and/or record the unusual objects is nowhere to be found on the internet.

Before its disappearance, the UFO sighting clip had received more than 30,000 views in just a matter of hours.

Tyler Glockner of SecureTeam, a YouTube channel dedicated to UFOs, said the video of UFO fleet had been uploaded again, but quickly removed again. Adding to the mystery, the page itself was removed as if nothing had happened. For Glockner, this is strange and send up red flags.

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  1. yeah this is curious. whenever international news comes on, something always pops up on here and is usually related to that news. we never heard about “mexican border crossings’ on this site before. and Trump was certainly never mentioned. now, why all of a sudden are there ufos at the mexican border crossings? no. i call BS.

  2. If you watched the video you saw traffic jam in a normal city life that happens to be in the border with the US and where people from many places of South America go to try and get in the US. The only weird thing there is those lights. By the way, that pic with Trump and his daughters and wife, only Ivanka and Trump has a normal look in their eyes…watch how weird that looks.

  3. The orbs are seen on the background of dark clouds. It does mean that they are quite close. One of the clips has been removed from the Internet. OK, however, it seems that number of persons has witnessed this episode. It should not be difficult to get anonther clip from them.

  4. “MARKING?” Might there be a BOOM BOOM moving across the Mexico-America border at that moment the lights in the sky appear?

    Are we understanding that our elders from outer space are helping us survive the planned series of nuclear wars that Wall Street Washington has put on us?

    The metal ball in the video from Miguel in Brazil passing by a street sign. Might that be a “MARKING” showing us a street we should check out to see if there are any BOOM BOOMS planted there?

    In the video, the secret service agent with the rubber arm and unique stare. Might that be a game they’re playing with us to throw us off the track of what’s going on here?

  5. Secure Team???? Oh, come on latest-UFO-sightings….you are feeding us garbage from a known hoaxer. I thought this site was better than that!!!

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