Douglas, Isle of Man UFO sighting

Douglas Isle of Man UFO

This was filmed in the sky above Douglas, Isle of Man in United Kingdom on 9th April 2017. For more info read the witness report below!

Witness report: Hi there my name is Nicola and I would like to file a report of a UFO sighting. April 9th st 9:20 in the evening Douglas Isle of Man U.K. I had just got my young son to sleep and took my glasses off to wash my face, I walked into the living room and said good night to my husband that’s when I noticed a strange bright light through the blinds and kind of mumbled that I could see some thing bright out there and my husband said ‘what?’ But I wasn’t wearing my glasses so thought nothing of it, said never mind and good night to my husband then grabbed my glasses and wet to my bedroom, I thought I’d just have a look to see what it was that I noticed before and if it was silk there and it was, so I took a couple of photos and then started recording. I stopped recording after about three minutes to take a look at what I had filmed to zoom in on it to see what it could be. The orb was still in the sky then after a little while it pulsated then drifted to the leg and disappeared although I didn’t get this on camera really wish I did was very unusual! After watching the video several times I noticed oddities within the video, flashing lights to the left of the orb throughout video! Hope this is of interest to you still trying to look for an answer have posted this on several pages

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  1. Ive seen something exactly like this on a couple of occasions & Im in the UK. Its just drifts about & changes course in manner which does not fit in with conventional aircraft.It appears to be an orb encased in another outer circle. The dead centre of this thing looks quite chaotic as it seems to be moving inside. Strange I know but whatever this is is very real.Im only commenting on this as I instantly recognised it as the very same thing I’d seen before.

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