Hillary Clinton Would Have Revealed The Truth


If Hillary Clinton made to the White House, she would likely reveal aliens exist, according to the man who made a shocking documentary that made the rounds online.

Dr Steven Greer, who has been advocating governments around the world to admit intelligent aliens are visiting Earth, is convinced Mrs Clinton knows more what she already revealed to the public.

The Unacknowledged documentary film debuted on iTunes on May 9 and instantly became the number one digital documentary worldwide.

Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito narrates the documentary under the direction of Michael Mazzola. Dr Greer received $700,000 or around £543,000 through crowd funding to make the film.

Mrs Clinton and her campaign manager Mr John Podesta made references to the issue of UFOs and aliens during her unsuccessful presidential campaign. She even promised to form a task force and send them to Area 51 US Air Force base in Nevada to know what is going on there. Many conspiracy theorists believe that alien remains and UFO debris are stored in the facility.

Dr Greer thinks that Mrs Clinton is aware of the issue, however, hopes that the truth would come out were dashed with the victory of President Donald Trump, who remained silent on the subject.

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  1. Why do we need Someone to tell us, what we already know is True, We are Not alone in the UNIVERSE, WE DON’T NEED A $2.00 POLITICIANS TO TELL US THIS. ( OR ANYONE ) !

  2. Get real. She wouldn’t have been allowed to spill the beans on anything like that,let alone send a task force to Area 51.
    How gullible do you think we are?

  3. In reading current books. On this information. I belive that we are being feed. Pieces of information,a little at a time. So that,when the time comes. For Full Disclosure,it will not Shock the public.I think the public. Is ready now,for the TRUTH about UFO DISCLOSURE.

  4. Hillary is all about Money, If anything was revealed and Free Energy comes out that messes with Rich peoples Pocket book, If anyone thinks she would have revealed anything they are fooling themselves.

  5. “Dr Greer thinks that Mrs Clinton is aware of the issue, however, hopes that the truth would come out were dashed with the victory of President Donald Trump”

    yeah i bet he felt “dashed” so did hillary…
    he does not need to worry, the truth about ALOT of things will be coming out since the American people picked trump.
    but those truths will most likely make him and hillary feel “dashed” even more LOL

  6. Having been in Naval reconnaissance in th 70s, “need to know”, is everything. A top secret clearance only gets you information IF and WHEN it is deemed to be a REAL NEED that you be informed…The military top brass won’t see a NEED to divulge those secrets to a POLITITIAN with a TEMPORARY job. Look at Trumps’ record on leaking sensitive military technology….publicly!

  7. i think sometimes things are “leaked” accidentally on purpose.
    like the tic-tacs, they just happen to appear when we are testing new tech on those specific ships and planes and pilots. and RELEASE the clips of them and dont have pilots sign a non-disclosure, allowing them to talk and do interviews and make youtube videos etc.
    they didnt really say if it was ours or aliens or definitive answer, maybe,just maybe sometimes things are “leaked” this way to let our enemies maintain a measure of doubt as to our true technology advances.
    after all, what kind of deterrent would they be if nobody knew about them?

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