The Pentagon’s UFO Secrets Exposed: The Truth Behind the Alien Autopsy

Breaking News: The Pentagon's Hidden UFO Secrets Exposed!

In a stunning revelation, researchers have uncovered a hidden Pentagon report on UFOs that has set off a wave of investigations and debates. This report has rekindled interest in the infamous alien autopsy and the mysterious events in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

The Alien Autopsy Controversy

One of the most persistent mysteries in UFO research is the alien autopsy film. This film has resurfaced repeatedly, most recently due to a series of leaked emails involving prominent figures in the UFO research community. Among these figures is Dr. Kit Green, a former CIA employee who is both a medical doctor and a PhD. According to an 11-page document, Green was shown a film in the 1980s that closely resembled the alien autopsy footage released in 1995.

These leaked emails, sent to billionaire Bob Bigelow, were meant to remain confidential. They describe how Green and other scientists, working under the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), believed the alien autopsy film to be authentic at the time. Green, in particular, concluded that the film was genuine based on his expertise and previous exposure to similar footage during a Pentagon briefing in the late 1980s.

Verification and Doubts

The authenticity of the leaked emails has been confirmed by several sources, though the opinions on the alien autopsy film have evolved over time. Initially, many in the UFO research community, including Green, considered the film to be real. However, subsequent evaluations led some to believe the film was a hoax, causing significant embarrassment among those who had vouched for its authenticity.

Dr. Kit Green’s evaluation of the film was particularly noteworthy. He provided a medical opinion on the procedures depicted in the film, suggesting that despite minor inaccuracies, the overall presentation seemed genuine. This opinion was shared in internal communications within the CIA, further complicating the narrative.

The Roswell Connection

The alien autopsy film is closely tied to the Roswell incident, another cornerstone of UFO lore. The leaked emails revealed that internal CIA communications had discussed the film and its potential authenticity, with some officials believing the footage was real. This has reignited debates among UFO researchers about the events in Roswell and the possibility of a government cover-up.

A Hoax Unveiled

Despite the initial belief in its authenticity, further investigations into the origins of the alien autopsy film have revealed a more prosaic truth. The film was not the work of a mysterious military cameraman but a creation by Keith Bateman and his colleagues at AK Music in the early 1990s. This revelation came from Bateman himself, who described how the film was made using rudimentary special effects and local actors.

The film, initially shot in color and later altered to appear aged and damaged, was presented to Ray Santilli, who then used it as a basis for the infamous alien autopsy footage. Santilli’s claims of having met a military cameraman and possessing genuine alien autopsy film have been debunked by those involved in the production.

The Impact and Legacy

The alien autopsy film, despite being exposed as a hoax, had a profound impact on the UFO community and popular culture. It demonstrated how easily even seasoned researchers and experts could be misled by convincing fabrications. The leaked emails and the ensuing controversy highlight the ongoing fascination with UFOs and the quest for truth in this enigmatic field.


The Pentagon’s hidden UFO secrets, as exposed through these revelations, offer a cautionary tale about the complexities of UFO research and the potential for misinformation. While the alien autopsy film has been debunked, the interest in UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial life continue to captivate researchers and the public alike. As new information comes to light, the debate over what really happened in Roswell and beyond will undoubtedly persist, fueling both skepticism and belief in the unexplained mysteries of our universe.

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