Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jessie Roestenberg's close encounter - 1954

Old UFO cases - Jessie Roestenberg experienced a flying saucer close encounter in Staffordshire - West Midlands, England in October 1954.

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Staffordshire, UK Flying Saucer Close Encounter
Video from Arthur C. Clarke`s Mysterious World - Discovery Channel,  Norwegian Text

UFO England documentary movie - Out Of This World; Staffordshire 1954


  1. She's telling the truth - but that doesnt mean the ufo was from "outer space" - it could be something interdimensional. .Jessie Roestenberg's sons - who are now pensioners - refuse to speak to the press - they dont want publicity,

  2. Great stuff. I believe her...she seems honest with her experience and wasn´t making it can tell that she says the truth.What she describes sounds to me, as if she had an encounter with the Pleiadians,the same humanoid aliens Billy Meier was in contact with.

  3. This case has always intrigued me...interesting how a lot of these earlier sightings were of Blonde 'Humans'. Makes me think the whole Nazi UFO thing has something to it...

    1. couldn't agree more.....

  4. There is nothing in what she says that leads me to believe that she had anything other than a waking dream. When she speaks of her boys telling her to look up at the UFO, that could all be within the context of her dream -- the real boys may have been nowhere around her when she had this experience.

    What I find most interesting is not so much that neither of her two boys were interviewed, but that no reason was given as to why. That's just really bad journalism. Or, if not bad journalism, an intentional attempt to muddle and confuse.


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