UFO fleet over Chelyabinsk, Russia – February 2012

TV report by Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa about the UFO activity over Russian city Chelyabinsk.

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  1. intresting – i remember seeing the first sighting in this vid on this site and i seen the large glare at the bottom of the frame wich made me think it was a hoax – now after further examination and seeing trecers similar sightings i think ther onto somthing – ther is glare in that vid but im retracting my statment that the ufos wer part of that glare(i can do that rite lol) – the sky lantern

  2. This is so good.You see a "Dimension Jump" Where the craft just phases in our atmosphere. It's refreshing to let the World know we are ready for "Contact and Interaction".(Wouldn't it be ironic for Aliens that look like us, then tell us we need to clean up our planet "Earth" before we pass the "Point Of No Return"?Would it be just a dream for the

  3. the big bright thing in the bottom is just a reflection from a lamp when the person who is filming is filming out the window. to me that is so obvious.

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