The Body Analysis of Sverdlovsk Alien

Sverdlovsk UFO incident

The alien remains and spacecraft-like object found in Sverdlovsk Russia is one of the best evidence that indicates that aliens have been visiting Earth for a very long time now and Russia does not deny it.

Flying lightning balls were reported loitering above the skies of Siberia on the 27th of November 1968, and that one them have crashed near a region in Sverdlovsk. After the confirmation of the crash, the central intelligence agency of Russia, the KGB, formed operation “Sverdlovsk Midget” or “Operation Small Alien” to hold and secure the crash site.

Air Defense Forces Commander Lieutenant General A.G. Ponomarenko assisted the initial investigation and shipment of the alien body, and the wreckage debris.

Sverdlovsk alienThe unidentified disc-shaped object found in the wreckage measured three meters thick and five meters wide. Inside the object was a dead small humanoid creature, an alleged primate that the UFO hit when it crashed. Meanwhile, the autopsy report revealed a different thing as there were findings that the humanoid body resembled no characteristics similar to any primates of Russia and the entire planet.

The only part found of the alien was its torso and one of its arms. The wreckage was already hanging for two days before the authorities have arrived. In theory, scavengers like wolves had gotten to the wreckage first and ate the missing body parts. Reconstruction of the creature in a CGI model (computer generated imagery) showed that its physical attributes were similar to a typical Grey alien – the most famous alien race known for visiting the earth.

A death certificate for the extraterrestrial body issued on the 24th of March 1969 signed by Doctor Gordeenko, Kamyshoy and Savitsky is one of pieces of evidence that supplements the authenticity of the Sverdlovsk alien.

Substantial information all over the internet about the Sverdlovsk UFO incident is easily accessible for research, and Russia will never hide the truth about it from anyone.

Analysis of Sverdlovsk Midget

Alien found in UFO hotspot ,UFO crash and military retrieval in Siberia, Russia

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  1. This is the first time Ive seen the body,theres quite a few stories about the disc & is the footage real etc etc but never realised there were body parts associated..
    I can imagine this disc up on its side so presenting a sort of green disc with energy field..Ive seen these & there are photographs..
    I wish we could verify some basic facts regarding this event

  2. Snow does not blow out like that on film. There were also no auto-zoom cameras in 1968. Total hoax. The actors are all just standing around. In the event that something crashed like that you would have only a few guys even know about it, not a whole damn group of idiots just standing around. You’d send a couple guys and equipment and get it out of there.

  3. …and, all of these people would go to all of this trouble (build props, rent a OR…) for what purpose? The costs would likely be more than what a media agency might pay for it; therefore, these actors were hired why? If it were a red herring, what actual fact would it be throwing off?

    Any chance of having current, certified, surgeons and coroners comment on the film??

  4. considering the bad quality of the vidio
    especially the scenes with the remnants of “ETA” me too believe the whole thing is a setup albeit it being an expencive one!

  5. your opinion’s are typical, hard to believe when its not in your face, my hope is one day you will know the truth, because I know the truth, and it’s not what your governments are telling for sure, let me state this then you can attack me also, the TRUTH is UFO’s are as real as the cars you drive, and I know this for a FACT, when you know for sure it changes your world forever, you then ask yourself what else are they hiding from us?

  6. People are so arrogant. Always calling B.S because they can’t see it with there own eyes. The ones who honestly believe that they are the only intelligent beings in this universe are a disgrace to life it self. The arrogance and stupidity is what’s unbelievable in this world NOT aliens and UFO’s. I hope you non-believers get abducted and probed. Hell I hope they do incredibly painful experiments on you pathetic excuses for “Intelligent beings”

    • Oh deary me, such venom! No room for that on here. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter what. so play nice people!

  7. Why no marks on the trees or ground? The disc looks like it was placed there.maybe for a movie or documentary or some project for university students? Who knows? It just says Fake to me.

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