Californian Man Videotapes Low Flying UFO at Rancho Cordova


A man at Rancho Cordova in Sacramento County, California claimed to have watched and videotaped a low flying, triangle UFO that flew toward his vehicle and passed just 50 feet above at around 5:43 p.m. on 13 December 2015.

According to the testimony filed in Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reporting database under Case 73133, the witness and his family were travelling on a freeway when they first saw a triangular-shaped craft in the distance.

The witness stated in the report that in a few seconds, as they got on the highway, the UFO had completely changed directions and headed in their path. All of a sudden, the object was approximately 50 feet above their car, and it went off in the distance toward the west. Then it sped up to incredible speeds and gone.

Included in the report filed on December 14, 2015, is a piece of video as evidence of the sighting.

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  1. I have seen these my whole life.. I know you wont believe me but they follow me… I dont know why. I DO not know how but they do.. I have been gone for hours at a time when just going up the street. Waking up behind wheel of my car with horns blasting at me because im the first in line at a stop light. hours are missing… I can not explain this and my significant other was at home with the person i went to go visit hours before , waiting for me to return home. I left my house around 11am and did not return until near midnight. To this day I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I WAS .. I remember pulling over crying because nothing looked familiar to me at all .. i was down the street from my house.. I would like some one to help me

  2. The lights are not reflections from inside the vehicle. However they do seem to be blinking. Quite possibly some type of aircraft.

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