Villagers Worry About Mysterious Lights In The Sky Staying In A Formation


Rumours of an alien invasion started to spread after seven lights that stayed in one formation as if linked appeared in the sky above the village of Novogradovka in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. The bizarre sights raised suspicions of UFO invasion or visitation. One social media user went as far as likening the flying shapes to a variation of the Starfleet insignia utilised in the Star Trek television shows and movies.

Ivan Rusev, who posted the footage online, claimed that the objects just appeared suddenly in the sky and remained visible for about 12-15 minutes.

There have been reports that the lights were used as targets for Ukrainian marines for their training, but no details were released, including what they were made of.

Residents were worried about the incident, but an army spokesman came out to assure them that there was no reason for any concern.

However, social media users aired out their views. One user posted that those UFOs came to claim what is theirs while another said that it looks like something is bound to happen.

Another witness added that it appears like massive fireballs making a formation at high altitude and wondered why do those things appear now, what triggers them and why no reports on them before.

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  1. Phosphorous Flares dropped from an aircraft. Saw hundreds of them in Nam. They can last a long time especially where there is an updraft of upper winds.

  2. Nice video Ivan Rusev. Thank you and LUFOS for sharing it

    Massive fireballs making a formation at high altitude.

    Might those great balls of fire be what is packed inside multiple targeted reentry vehicles sitting on the top of the thousands of missiles that Judah has mined our planet with?

    Is there not some understanding that we are survivors of an all-out general nuclear war?

    Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us from the worst of what our nuclear war fighting hobbyists had planned for us?

    Will Labor not end funding the multiples of nuclear war on us that Judah is waging?

    If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT? Thank you

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