Daytime UFO flying over Tottenham, London, UK 29-Sep-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting video of daytime UFO activity in the sky over Tottenham in London, UK. This was recorded on 29th September 2011.
Witness report: Strange ‘cigar’ shaped object (white with black tips), hovers silently over north London approx 12:30. Clear blue sky and no discernible noise, object moved from right to left and then back before a vertical ascent (not recorded).
Author (jonnyacapulco @ youtube)

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  1. Where is the rest of this video? Where did this object go? I don't trust videos of UFO's that stop when the oject is still in the sky. The only reason to stop recording would be if the battery was dead.

  2. Hello dear,<br /><br />I think there are a lot of planets that human not know, I THINK that are a lot of aliens, they are very clever, i THINK %70 of the ufo&#39;s filmed are fake, aliens come to the world arround 2500 / 3000 i THINK, WE (the world) can make contact with them, WE can see them before we die,but.. nobody try it, in the Quran of the Islam stads that are other human in the

  3. I think there is a far more advanced civilization.And they were here before and probably now.I only wish that they would come out of the woods.Watching Ancient Aliens has really changed my beliefs.It some how makes more since then religion.

  4. If you was really filming a ufo you would not take your camera off of it! funny how you stopped recording before it&#39;s vertical assent eh?

  5. Actually, we were scared shitless by this point. I have alot more footage that I havent realeased yet. This thing responded to us when we first started talking to it over the ocean. we were just joking around and it responded. This video is one of the last ones I recorded.. It was following us, hovering above the ocean on the drivers side on HIWAY 1 ON our way back to Monterey, CA. Finally, we

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