Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2011 by

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September 2011; bright UFO – Quito in Ecuador

1st September 2011; unknown lights – Costa Rica

1st September 2011; UFO craft – Astrakhan in Russia

4st September 2011; blue UFOs – Turkey

7th September 2011; triangle craft – Moscow, Russia

8th September 2011; daytime triangle formation – Aztec, New Mexico

9th September 2011; daytime UFO – volcano Sakurajima in Japan

11th September 2011; triangle formation – Michigan, USA

11th September 2011; fast lightship – Ueki, Japan

14th September 2011; V-shaped objects – Beijing, China

14th September 2011; V-shaped UFO – Cagayan de Oro City in Philippines

20th September 2011; UFO activity – California near Apple Valley mountains

20th September 2011; triangle formation – Quezon City, Philippines

24th September 2011; triangle formation – Sozopol, Bulgaria

25th September 2011; UFO – Santiago, Chile

25th September 2011; UFO – Adelaide, Australia

25th September 2011; triangle formation – Stickney, Illinois

27th September 2011; UFO – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

29th September 2011; daytime UFO or Orb – Tottenham in London, UK

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  1. Maybe it's the FERANGII of Star Trek fame flying about looking for a business deal;The catch is they deal in Latinum instead of cash;it used to be Platinum until they used their centrifuges to take the PEE out of platinum leaving only Latinum.Wonder what the current Galactic exchange rate is.You really have to watch those Aliens;when it comes to echange rates they dont pay attention to the

  2. It is always nice to log on to ufo sites, and get some last minute entertainment.All I am seeing are Lights, Lights and more set of lights. You would think that if ufo's really existed, the proof would be out there for all of us to see, and hear about,instead of praying on the ignorance of innocent people by putting on these useless displays of lights. Please people give us something we can

  3. Reply of 6:53&#39;s post : <br />These are &quot;only&quot; lights… but ask yourself… what would convince you ? An alien knocking at your door maybe ? <br />Some people really need something that look like the movie &quot;independence day&quot;… When there are video that looks like it (and there are few)… it must be a hoax, then. Some people will be always disappointed… until they see

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