Daytime UFO caught on tape in the Corbières mountains, France 13-Mar-2012

UFO videos – This daytime UFO sighting was filmed at Pic de Bugarach, the highest summit (1230 m – 4035 feet) in the Corbières mountains in the French Midi. Recorded on Tuesday, 13th March 2012.
Witness report: I really don’t believe in Aliens and UFOs, but in my whole life, I have never seen something like this before! On our way to the village of Bugarach, we could see that UFO over the mountain for at least one hour, flying around the peak, appeared and disappeared every few seconds. I don’t thing it was a plane because of its strange flying route and its strong light. What do you think it was??? Please watch in Full-HD so you can see the UFO above the mountain!
Author (8118th @ youtube)

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  1. so you believe were alone in a universe with trillions of planets here this will put your doubts to rest checkout disclosure project on youtube

  2. I saw in Sydney on Sunday 10 March a point appeared and disappeared every few seconds also and during a motion, in fact all 2 seconds

  3. just follow the little white ball and repeat after me;I BELEIVES OH LOD I BELEIVES!Inconclusive;these are not ufo's ….Go back to the fifties and sixties.Check out the real evidence.Correction;THESE are probably not UFO'S

  4. Notice the compression artifacts at the top of the video, these only show up clearly when the video is paused. Usually these artifacts move constantly as and tend to smooth the image as it is played. Looks like someone paused a video copied the image and adde the fancy moving lights in order to pick up some hits.

  5. I saw something similar in nature however mine was at night. Same maneuvering, same angle, being at night it was illuminated one solid Color. As I maintained observation it curled into a "semi-half-loop" then disappeared. Please, feel free E-Mail me at any time.

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