Triangle UFO caught on tape over Dulce, New Mexico 8-Feb-2016


Here’s one interesting UFO video of an unknown lights forming triangle formation. This was seen and recorded over Dulce in New Mexico on 8th February 2016.

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  1. I have always thought that any triangle or craft with lights , must be manmade.Why would Aliens aevertise their presence? All civil aircraft and perhaps military, must have navigation lights and transponders.Especially if flying over populated areas.
    I have see 2 UFOs flying over head, very low at night. No noise, no,lights, if I hadn’t been looking up at the time I would never have seen them or known they were there. Just saying.

  2. This is American Secret Project call Black Triangle.Already in used last year in Afghanistan.Watch this at youtube
    Maybe is a reverse technology of ufo that crashed in Area 51

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