Bright UFO Discards Another Glowing Object To Ground Level


A man in Spokane Valley in Washington claimed to have witnessed and recorded a glowing sphere on video. The object apparently stopped to hover and seemed to drop something. On January 26, 2014, the witness noticed a bright object in yellow, red, and orange colors from the outside into a back porch around 7 p.m.

He went north of his house and stopped before he changed direction to the east. He alerted his family for them to witness the strange aerial event.

The witness saw the object hovered, flashed brightly many times, and discarded something glowing from the bottom of it. The object then slowly lost its brightness.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the first time he saw the object. He saw the same object doing the same thing in almost the same place, only slightly farther southeast.

A second witness made a report to UFOSNW of a large glowing orange sphere to the east at approximately 1810 hours on the same date. The witness lived around a mile from the first witness who took a video footage.

MUFON investigator James E. Clarkson closed the case as an unknown aerial vehicle (AUV). He considered the case as strange with technical evidence and strong witness credibility.

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  1. Something about the voices tone seem to be faked. The whole thing seems scripted. The inflections of the voices are not normal and not in the places where they should be.
    I am unconvinced with tjis one.

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