Amazing footage: Fast UFO maneuvering over Melbourne, Australia 21-Nov-2016


Here’s a new footage of a so-called fastwalker maneuvering in the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was filmed on 21st November 2016.

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  1. Compelling footage. The course correction is the distinct difference between a satellite/the space station, and a UFO. They also can’t change speeds that rapidly, as the second clip from an earlier time.

  2. Feb. 2015 I took photos of the night sky. Over several shots, I Noticed two UFOs that seemed to be chasing one another. The two showed up as small white steaks, the rest of the stars appeared as dots. Also, shot a bright dot over the moon. Several shots later, the bright dot had moved from the southern hemisphere of the moon to the northern part of the moon. As far as I know, we did not have anyone doing a fly over of the moon during that time.

  3. If you got a green laser pen i suggest you point it directly at what you think is a ufo or drone etc etc and then you will see it move side to side… hence they dont like the laser light pointing directleg at them .. heaps of fun also interesting to know what it is im pointinf at.

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