Amazing new UFO footage from Mexico: Orb splits into 7 objects


Check out this amazing video of an alleged UFO mothership releasing smaller crafts. This was filmed in the daytime sky above Colima, Mexico on 31st January 2017.

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  1. I know this is not fake. I’ve seen the same thing from my backyard, here in Arlington, Tx. In my case only two orbs were dropped.

  2. i have seen those orbs on different site so often.surly someone knows what they there someone who has got a close up picture were you can see shape, or are they like this when you are close.i am not interested in someone saying he thins they are…….i want to know what they are,they have been seen and filimed all over the worl

  3. I’m convinced that American, Russian and Chinese intelligence, to name only the three major global players, have Terabytes of video, spectral analysis data and what have you of those objects. Let’s assume futhermore those phenomena are “only” related to our own planet and have nothing to do with extraterrestial intelligent beings, surely even in that case you’re not so naive to think they will ever tell the public what they think or know about those things?! Because by doing so, they would have to admit 1, that human science cannot explain those objects, and 2, worse still, that nothing can be done to stop them from penetrating and interfering with controlled airspace on a regular basis. Therefore they will never tell us anything, unless someone “superior” forces them to do so. And who should that be???

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