Unidentified Transparent Cylinder Captured On Live NASA Feed


A mysterious object appears on NASA’s live video feed flying past the International Space Station (ISS). Many UFO enthusiasts believe it is an alien cylinder.

The item suddenly appears out the window of the ISS and gets closer before it fades away. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the UFO is partially cloaked because it seems to appear transparent. They say that the object in question could have been alien stealth technology.

They explain that alien UFO usually hides in the deep blackness of spaces and blend into the environment to be safer from other alien species that may be hostile.

The object that moves towards the space station appears to be a white oblong shape as it emerges out of the darkness.

Others are not convinced that the footage shows evidence of an alien UFO. They say that nothing past anything because the reason for such thing to appear is the light on the lens.

Some say that to conclude that it is a UFO is nonsense because the cameras on the ISS don’t produce images or videos that are blurred and out of focus.

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  1. I’m not an expert, on camera lens,or glass windows. But there is always a chance of defration. What about outside atomspheric conditions? This object Is definitly real. And this isn’t the first time.Objects have been. Sighted from the ISS….

  2. those beings are clever than us if we show friendliness we will have a break through let us wave to them so that they know that we want to talk to them they are scared of us coz of the wars and some of those craft we hve shot at

  3. They’re not mocking us, and they ARE NOT afraid of us. They avoid becasue we are not ready and because they know it would cause more harm than not to the psyche of many. (Don’t discount yourselves) to know the full truth. In a later time, long still from now, they will come here, and we will go there.

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